BookShelf: No Rest For The Wicked (Dane Cobain)

22088645When the Angels attack, there’s NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Father Montgomery, an elderly priest with a secret past, begins to investigate after his parishioners come under attack, and with the help of Jones, a young businessman with an estranged child, Montgomery begins to track down the origin of the Angels. The Angels are naked and androgynous. They speak in a dreadful harmony with no clear leader. These aren’t biblical cherubs tasked with the protection of the righteous – these are deadly creatures of light that have the power to completely eradicate. When Jones himself is attacked, Father Montgomery knows he has to act fast. He speaks to the Angels and organises a final showdown where he’s asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. -Goodreads
This book was provided to me in return for an honest review, so without trying to spoil it, I will tell you exactly what I thought of this book.
First of all, it’s a short and enjoyable book- there’s no unnecessary pages and the story continues at an even pace. This is the kind of book that a busy person can read and enjoy themselves without spending too much time and especially as a medical student, I thought that was a plus point in itself. The concepts presented were also explained in simple terms and I did not find the need to re-read chapters and passages except to find my place after taking a break.
If I was to talk about the plot, I’d say it was a unique and interesting plot. I always enjoy science fiction and the added shade of religion made it much more captivating. The additional content presented in the form of articles gave the novel a bit of a journal feel coupled with the occasional flashback chapters. Everything that seemed unrelated ended up falling into place right before the finale, which in itself was not as climatic as I thought it would be but made a lot of sense in hindsight. 

All in all, this book was a pleasant read. Despite seeming like a horror novel at the start, I felt that it discussed controversies and the science religion clash more than any actual sort of violence. It was a novel story and if you are the kind of person looking for a short but entertaining book to read that contains mystery, science with a twist of religion and what it is to be human, then this is the book for you.

I give No Rest for the Wicked 7/10 stars.

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