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It’s been such a long time since the last post about my travels and road trip, but here I am, with the next segment! At first I was going to title it “New York City, New York” but that would’ve been mildly misleading in the sense that we only spent 24 hours in New York and that I have literally no pictures of New York. No decent ones. At all. But anyway.

We went to Washington DC and visited the National Museum of Natural History. I’ve been there before but it seems they keep changing it.

Random other buildings that look super cool.

Geology! Yay!

A rainbow of minerals!

Egyptian stuff!

More Egyptian stuff!


Kanra trying to be photographic!

After visiting the museum, we went to Great Falls National Park (Virginia). There was a super long line at the park entrance and there were lots of fire trucks and ambulances going in and out. We didn’t really get to see anything interesting (related to the fire trucks) considering how we were stuck in the car line for almost 45 minutes.

Great Falls, VA.

People liked climbing the rocks and cliffs and stuff and meanwhile, we were trying to get into the river and soak our feet in it. The river was dangerous though- there were pamphlets that were handed out at the park entrance that talked about the river carrying people away, therefore don’t even try swimming and be super careful while fishing!
George Washington Bridge

Pakistani flag in Pennsylvania.

Dulles Airport.

First time I thoroughly checked at the airport. It was the weirdest thing ever. Okay first they’re like “walk through this funny elevator thing” that had this swishing revolving doors. Then security pats you down super awkwardly and you end up feeling sorry for them like:

“Do you wanna do this out here or somewhere else?” the nice lady asks me.

“Here, so I can get over this faster”

She just has this tired smile like ‘I know what you mean’ and then tells me that she can’t wait for the night shift to come so she could go home.

Look at how pretty New York is!

And that’s how we flew from Dulles to Abu Dhabi, and then Abu Dhabi to Islamabad. It was great to be back.

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