Get Motivated!

Motivation is a lot like fire. You have to keep feeding it if you want to keep it around. Sometimes you feed it achievement, sometimes you feed it criticism and sometimes you run out of things to feed and you’re left staring at dying embers. It’s not fun when you run out of fuel. You might sit for hours or days or weeks, just waiting for something else to feed and reignite your motivation. Waiting isn’t the answer- nope! You’re going to have to head out of your comfort zone and look for your metaphorical fuel instead of waiting for it to magically appear!

Here are some of the things that I dug out of the internet. They’ve motivated me to start something new (which I’m not telling- not yet!) and hopefully, they’ll motivate you too!

Have a nice day!

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Author: Kanra Khan

I'm a Pakistani American student of medicine, or more precisely, an almost-graduate of MBBS Class of 2019. I like to write about my experiences in med school and my adventures in life, which range from traveling, to art, to blogging and photography. Like what you're seeing so far? Consider exploring a bit more! The Lunar Descent is endless.

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