#SketchBookArt: Paintin’ Your Words

Until I find a decent image that I can try to replicate on my sketchpad, I’ve been holding back with the scenery and architecture painting and settled for illustrating words. More often than not, these are song lyrics or quotes that I liked. I haven’t done many, but here’s a few good ones.

And this is how I’ve been entertaining myself these days. I’m going to be practicing little pieces like this a bit more before moving on to big sheets of paper. I also want to write in a more fluid style- capital letters are easy and I almost have a grip on lower case. But I’d like to try out cursive and- here comes the ambitious goal- black letter!

What have you been up to when it comes to creativity? Do you like making paint messes too? What’s your preferred subject when it comes to creativity?

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Author: Kanra Khan

I'm a Pakistani American student of medicine, or more precisely, an almost-graduate of MBBS Class of 2019. I like to write about my experiences in med school and my adventures in life, which range from traveling, to art, to blogging and photography. Like what you're seeing so far? Consider exploring a bit more! The Lunar Descent is endless.

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